Patient Testimonials

“I loved my previous dentist but she was located in Ann Arbor and I lived in Northville and then moved to South Lyon. And I work in Southfield. This office is conveniently located! And they are enjoyable to deal with. Very friendly, kind, efficient, and knowledgeable. Dr. Jarvie is so kind and takes whatever time you need with him.”

Peggy L.

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“Dr. Jarvie gives the most pain-free injections I have ever had in my 40 years of experience with dentists.”

Michael S.

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2019, 2018

“Dr. Jarvie and his staff are wonderful. I suffered from severe jaw pain from clenching and grinding for years. I saw Dr. Jarvie, and he examined my bite and made some adjustments. He also suggested botox relax my jaw muscles. I had that treatment and was pain-free within days! I was thrilled to learn Dr. Jarvie also does botox for cosmetic reasons and have had him doing my forehead and between my eyebrows ever since. I was recently fitted with Invisalign and am very happy with the results so far.”

Jane F.

“This office has friendly staff and great hygienists! Dr. Jarvie has a gentle touch and is great at giving the shots. I barely felt a thing and made going to the dentist a very enjoyable experience.”

Alicia K.

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