Dental Technology

East Brooke Dental is one of the first offices in the area to use an advanced composite which basically matches whatever shade your tooth is. This includes if you change the color through whitening so your fillings will always be virtually invisible. It is a Game Changer!

  • Well Tested
  • Strong and Durable
  • Patients Love The Results

Who has time to be numb? Reverse numbness faster! No more swollen or bitten lips. OraVerse is a breakthrough that reverses unwanted lingering numbness after routine dental procedures.

I loved the anesthetic reversal, my mouth was no longer numb 30 minutes after I left the office!

S. Brewer

Digital X-Rays

Unlike traditional x-rays, digital x-rays use electronic digital sensors which are connected to a computer, to capture images of the mouth. These images are not only higher quality images that traditional x-rays, but they can be seen immediately by the dentist, which usually results in shorter dental appointments. Having digital x-rays makes it easier to transfer your dental records between dental offices.

Even though traditional x-rays are relatively safe, there are concerns by many about the amount of radiation they are exposed to when they get dental x-rays. Digital radiography will be the perfect option for them since it is estimated that digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays!

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